Michel Mirabal

Social Artist

Born in the “barrio” of Havana, Cuba, Michel Mirabal has established himself an iconic -sought after international artist. Pieces from his successful series on Cuban flags can be found touring The Vatican, Art Basel, various international galleries and in the private collections of Usher, Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana, Gabriel García Márquez, Danny Glover, Quincy Jones, Muhammad Ali and President Donald Trump, just to name a few. 

Michel considers himself a ‘social artist’ staying out of the politics and remaining true to his passion since he was a boy, creating art for enjoyment. His grandmother, Marta Jean-Claude, a great Haitian singer, Mirabal inherited her love of music, and when he paints he thinks “that at that moment I am an actor, and I am on a film set, but acting out my real life…” and what a life he has created for himself.

Michel will be creating an original piece of art for the 2017 commemorative poster. Announcement due July 5th.

Cristobal Herrera

Award-winning Cuban photographer

An artist who knows how to turn a memory into a masterpiece. A World Press Photo award-winning Cuban photographer and photojournalist who specializes in news, weddings, and portraits, his images combine technical proficiency, patience, intuition, and unique artistic sensibilities. Cristobal Herrera Ulashkevich is a World Press Photo award-winning Cuban photographer and photojournalist specializing in news, wedding and portrait photography.

Cristobal also creates bodies of art, which he displays at shows and art galleries.Cristobal founded a camera at age seventeen and since then has had ‘a burdening passion to use it to free himself and his artistic subjects from the constraints of time and space. Cristobal graduated from the Institute of Industrial Design of Havana, Cuba.

Cristobal was recently interviewed for an article about the Festival for OutClique Magazine. Here are a few excerpts:

How does it feel to be a featured artist at the Key West Art Festival in September? It feels great! I forgot that I had these photos until I was asked for this project. I dug through years and years of footage and found this piece, I was so excited!

So the images that will be featured are from the Transvestites Portfolio? Yes, the event will feature a minimal part of the photo essay I made in 1999 about the lives of the Transvestites in Cuba. This is an uncompleted essay, but thrilled to show it.